SAS: The Rise of Big Data

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How was it in the days before loyalty marketing? brightcove.createExperiences(); Download whitepaper: Retail loyalty and the consumer   How can big data be used to marketing’s advantage? brightcove.createExperiences(); Download whitepaper: Big data, small data Click here to return to the SAS big data homepage

Letters: Segmentation will alienate individuals

Tess Waddington

I read with interest ‘UK consumers underwhelmed by their experience with brands’ ( and it comes as no surprise that many customers feel this way. With some brands still looking at consumers in segments rather than as individuals there will continue to be disconnect in customer experience as individual interests are not being recognised. Consumers […]

Michael Barnett

Data Opinions foreword

Michael Barnett

No-one would argue today that data isn’t one of the main tools of the modern marketer. Many marketers will not be data experts, though, and all have scope to improve their knowledge, which is where these essays can help.

David Struth

Experian: Sending the right message

Michael Barnett

Advertisement feature Despite the explosion of social media, email remains the preferred marketing tool but the data needs to be managed properly as a business asset to get high response rates, says Experian’s David Struth.

Rob Hick

Bright North: Busting the big data myths

Michael Barnett

Advertisement feature A backlash against ‘big data’ has led to questions about whether it is overrated, but Bright North’s Rob Hick believes it does offer opportunities and provides pointers on how to make the most of them.

Letters: A step too far

Tess Waddington

I was pleased to hear Coca-Cola’s European vice-president of marketing dismiss concerns that its World Cup sponsorship may be threatened by ambush marketing