The Top 100 Biggest UK Ad Spenders

Samuel Joy

Source: Nielsen Ad Dynamix Rank Advertiser 2013 Expenditure 2012Expenditure % Year on Year 1 British Sky Broadcasting Ltd 264,338,785 241,106,331 9.63 2 Procter & Gamble Ltd 177,257,396 195,182,834 -9.18 3 Bt Ltd 149,788,119 179,677,909 -16.63 4 Unilever Uk Ltd 119,100,702 138,979,674 -14.30 5 Tesco Plc 116,269,526 117,403,761 -0.96 6 Asda Stores Ltd 97,035,247 109,139,356 -11.09 […]

Letters: The drawbacks of segmentation

Tess Waddington

My mum has always been amused by my attempts to pigeonhole her into the ‘mum’ box. She is a Black Sabbath fan. An educational psychologist and a feminist. Apparently I’m not alone in having a mum who isn’t defined by this label. Recent research by Mumsnet showed that “mums are women who happen to be […]

Letters: Meet the locals

Tess Waddington

Your article ‘New leverage in local media?’ rightly highlights the massive opportunity presented by the local TV revolution for brands seeking to reach new audiences. Over the past year we have worked closely with the Local TV Network to create a sustainable model for local channels that has broken down prohibitive barriers to entry such […]

Letters: Traffic light confusion

Tess Waddington

I see Lucy Tesseras’s point in her article ‘Understanding food labels’ and support healthy messaging on packs. However, there are a growing number of icons on packs these days. Eye-tracking studies tell us that consumers only take in three to four things on a pack at any one time. So if we’re asking them to […]