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Seb Joseph

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perfect view

Finding the perfect view

Lucy Handley

As the holy grail of data-driven marketing the single customer view is not easy to achieve, but with many brands having now invested in building one, are they seeing any returns?

A slice of support for kingsmill’s great white

Tess Waddington

I don’t usually disagree with Mark Ritson but this time he’s laid it on a bit thick in ‘Why Kingsmill will fail to butter up the public’. I think the marketing of the new Kingsmill Great White will succeed in getting a consumer reappraisal and take a big bite 
out of the market. Firstly, I’m […]

Letters: A field day for social

Tess Waddington

With 100 days to go to the World Cup kick-off, you’d hope that most brands have their marketing strategy nailed on by now. No doubt, though, that the next few months will be buzzing with opportunity. For the players, social media may well be in lock-down but for brands it is surely set to be […]

Whatsapp it all about? Data

Tina Desai

Any efforts to integrate advertising on the WhatsApp platform will negate the user-experience and most likely drive people away.  So what is the commercial advantage of paying such a high price for the company? As Lara’ O’Reilly’s article states, this must be rooted in the value of WhatsApp’s customer data set. The purchase has now […]