UK ad spend could grow by 52% by 2020

UK advertising expenditure could grow by more than 52% by 2020, according to a report by the World Advertising Research Centre.

The report, compiled on behalf of the Advertising Association, says the best case scenario or “high option” will see total ad spend rise to £35bn by 2020.

The second scenario or “low option” will see ad spend increase by 28% over the same period to £31.8bn.

The report bases its forecasts on the future performance of the UK economy and assumes a decline in 2009 and then a recovery in UK GDP from 2010.

The report says the internet will be the “major force” behind ad spend growth, with display advertising accounting for 14% of total spend by 2020.

Online is forecast to be the dominant medium in the classified sector with its share of recruitment advertising to rise by 58% by 2020.

Mobile advertising will account for 10% of advertising by 2020, according to the report.


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