UK consumers rate Aldi top brand

Aldi has taken the top spot in YouGov’s mid-year list of the top 10 brands in terms of consumer perception, overtaking last year’s top performers such as John Lewis, BBC iPlayer and Samsung as its rise up the rankings “mirrors the shockwaves” discounter grocers have sent through the retail sector. 


The list, based on YouGov BrandIndex Buzz scores, a measure of the positive and negative things said about a brand, found that Aldi came out on top with a score of 25.9. Aldi also experienced the second fastest growth so far this year, with its Buzz score up 15.6.

Rival discount grocer Lidl also entered the top 10 for the first time with a score of 18.2, while made an appearance at number eight with a score of 12.1. YouGov believes the rise of these brands suggests that consumers value brands that can help them save money while the cost of living remains squeezed.

Sarah Murphy, BrandIndex director at YouGov, says: “Consumers want to do their weekly shops affordably while losing nothing in terms of quality and they believe these German brands do this. The other supermarkets in the top 10 may need to react and adapt to the challenge in order to maintain their place in the hearts and minds of consumers.”

Brands including John Lewis, BBC iPlayer and Sainsbury’s all retain their place in the top 10, while Samsung slipped from second spot to ninth as its score dropped to 11.5. YouGov says their continued presence in the top 10 indicates how consumers still trust and feel positive towards these brands.

“They are consistently strong performers in the eyes of consumers and will be looking to build on this strong showing in the next twelve months,” adds Murphy.

In terms of the fastest risers outside the top 10, Findus topped the chart with its Buzz ranking increasing by 18.8 points as it started to recover from the horsemeat scandal that damaged its brand at the start of last year, although its score still remains negative at -0.3. HMV has also seen a noticeable improvements in its Buzz score, which increased 12.8 points to -0.9 after it was bought out of administration by Hilco.



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