UK film and TV industry target males in copyright campaign

The UK film and television industry is launching a campaign this week targeting young men to dissuade them from downloading and purchasing illegally copied content.


The “Moments Worth Paying For” campaign aims to excite audiences about original film and TV content and encourage them to show more respect for copyright and original creativity.

The ads turn the camera on the audiences to capture the emotions evoked by watching film and TV.

The Industry Trust for IP Awareness says the advertising particularly targets young men because its research that suggests this age group is the most likely to search for unauthorised content online.

The £5m campaign launches Friday (18 February) and includes cinema, outdoor and online ads.

The new ads will also direct viewers to a dedicated website which includes a guide to official film and TV services across a range of online and offline formats.

The Industry Trust for IP Awareness created the campaign over a 10-month period with its members, which include Disney, Sony, Warner Bros and Paramount.

Earlier this month the Government asked Ofcom to review the Digital Economy Act’s proposed measures to restrict copyright infringement. The Bill, which was passed by the House of Commons last year, allows ISPs to take “technical measures” against persistent file shares and the blocking of sites which could infringe copyright.


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