UK Living has its stockings pulled up high

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We were amused to read in Marketing Week a comparison between the ratings for UK Living and Channel 5, suggesting that Channel 5’s performance was disappointing because its ratings were as “low” as those of UK Living.

Of course the two cannot be likened to each other, and Marketing Week would be quite wrong to insinuate that UK Living’s ratings are low, when by any normal standards it has performed extremely well.

I won’t bore you with all the glowing statistics about UK Living’s phenomenal performance, but I would like to point out that Channel 5 sells the television equivalent of tights, while UK Living sells the equivalent of lacy-topped stockings. One is a supposedly universal hosiery, the other a speciality, and they should be measured accordingly.

Having made that point, UK Living seems to be turning lacy-topped stockings into something quite respectable, because, as far as we are concerned, our ratings are thigh high and stay up!

And, as for Channel 5’s ratings, surely for some time to come we must all be in suspenders…

Lis Howell

Director of programmes

UK Living

London W1


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