UKOM and ComScore tie-up adds weight to mobile marketing measurement

Marketers will be handed a combined view of media consumption including mobile for the first time later this month in the debut report published by UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM) and data partner ComScore.


The purpose of the UKOM data tool is to enable advertisers to plan their online display ad campaigns through a single set of data, including desktop, mobile and video consumption, with mobile device data delivered by ComScore’s Mobile Media Metrics (MMM) service.

MMM data is sourced from anonymised mobile internet records sourced from the UK’s three-largest mobile operators measuring billions of page clicks each month, both via cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The data comes via a three-year relationship between ComScore and mobile operator trade body the GSMA.

Both ComScore and UKOM claim the inclusion of the mobile and online video consumption data reflects changes in consumers’ behaviour and will also help improve audience measurement, both online and offline.

For example, the improved tool will let advertisers will help evaluate the impact of online user behaviour, such as deletion of cookies and whether a mobile user visits a site over a Wi-Fi or cellular network, to understand how their web traffic is generated.

UKOM and ComScore’s combined data is also set to be included in the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising’s (IPA) TouchPoints tool which links together different media currencies this year helping advertisers assess how their digital campaigns work in tandem with their offline spend.

James Smythe, UKOM’s general manager, says: “We wanted to measure website access through all types of of different access and ComScore ticked all the boxes.

“Mobile [data] was one of the primary requirements of the brief and while the GSMA data [MMM] had been working well on its own, the multi-platform initiative will really help bring mobile into the mainstream media mix.”

Paul Goode, ComScore’s head of industry relations, Europe, says: “The media fragmentation that exists with consumers today across different screens is one of the biggest challenges for brands and agencies.

“Extra data can help them resolve issues such as de-duplication [by providing insight on things like cookie deletion and Wi-Fi usage] can help improve how they plan their campaigns.”

UKOM and ComScore’s debut findings are set to be demonstrated to agencies in London early next month.

It was announced Comscore would replace Nielsen as UKOM’s partner in April 2012.

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Mobile media consumption being on the rise is hardly a surprise to anybody in the marketing industry but proving the effectiveness of such a nascent platform has proven difficult because for so long there has been no common data currency.

Although ComScore and the GSMA’s product MMM has been in the market for nearly three years it has required some fine-tuning not least of all because it has only relatively recently included info on Wi-Fi usage as well as cellular.

Mobile is now becoming part of the mainstream media mix, not just in mainstream digital but as part of all advertising through its planned inclusion in the IPA’s TouchPoints info.

This doesn’t quite herald ‘the year of mobile’ but it does go to show its time has certainly arrived.


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