The uncomfortable truths about marketing: agency siloes, image problems and data obsession

While brands and agencies love to celebrate their successes, there are certain issues such as an over-reliance on data and a siloed approach to work that too many marketers are avoiding talking about according to top marketers from Sainsbury’s, Unilever and Travelex.

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The Co-op must remind itself of its brand purpose and work out how to market it

Sarah Vizard

The Co-op is ungovernable, according to its former boss Euan Sutherland, who resigned today (11 March) after what can only be described as a torrid 10 months at the helm. It also looks increasingly unmarketable as it lurches from one disaster to the next. Yet now more than ever the Co-op Group must remind customers what it stands for, what it means to people and the valuable role it plays in community life.