Underground music scene

A few thoughts sprang to mind regarding a recent article entitled “Licensed Tube buskers may seek sponsorship” (MW June 27).

Firstly, what a fantastic opportunity to build brand awareness in an invigorating manner. But do these buskers need to be musicians? We represent a number of major publishers and bookstores – how about a “literary busker”? We also represent a number of art galleries – how about an “artistic busker” showing examples of art from a nearby exhibition?

We are big proponents of the XTP concept, but it is also encouraging to see the Tube is embracing a form of communication that is entirely at the other end of the technology spectrum. I don’t think you can get more traditional than busker media – unless they start allowing sandwhichboards on the Northern Line.

I see this as a call for a career change, or a little moonlighting, at the very least. Time to dust off the guitar and relearn the chords to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water…

Nick Hammond

Board planning director

Total Media

London, W8


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