UNICEF launches digital time campaign

UNICEF, the charity that supports children’s rights, is launching an online campaign based on time zones to connect people with children throughout the world and encourage donations.


Created by TBG London, the “Time to Promise” campaign uses the metaphor of time with changing images and messages at different times of day.

A micro site to encourage donations depicts situations in the UK like making a morning cup of coffee and going to school with images of children around the world denied the right to education and safe drinking water.

The creative is continued in adverts hosted on websites including Thetrainline and Facebook, and email marketing. Content automatically adapts depending on what time the ad is viewed or email is opened.

Supporters are encouraged to share messages about donations via integrated Facebook and Twitter tools on the microsite.

The campaign follows on from the “Promise Me” campaign the charity launched in July.

Lillian McMahon, UNICEF UK direct marketing officer says: “Millions of children are currently being denied their fundamental rights and as a result are struggling to survive without enough food, shelter or an education. This campaign is a new way to get this important message across.’


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