Unilever boosts international collaboration with social roll out

Unilever aims to increase collaboration between its international marketing teams with the implementation of a new social platform allowing marketers to share insights and best practice.


The new initiative lets marketers plus third-party agencies from across its various brands share and discuss commercial insights and creative assets using Salesforce’s Chatter technology.

The move follows its “brand republics” trial, which kicked off last year and was geared towards implementing a cross-discipline approach to its branding activity and receive wider input on strategy, as earlier revealed by Marketing Week.

Marc Mathieu, Unilever’s senior vice president of marketing and Marketing Week columnist, says: “The platform provides our team with the tools they need to develop and build our brands in local markets, which is critical to driving our ‘Crafting Brands for Life’ strategy.

“It also frees up time for our team to create more magic – that is, to engage with consumers and create more effective marketing, which will be key to delivering our ambition to double the size of our business.”

Management consulting firm Accenture, which oversaw the implementation of the platform.

Speaking previously with Marketing Week, Mathieu said the company was also hosting a series of two day hackathons among its marketing teams and partner agencies to establish a new “Unilever way of marketing” in an ongoing strategy to transform the company.


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