Unilever creates ‘command centre’ for Project Sunlight campaign

Unilever has created a “command centre” to monitor and adapt its recently launched sustainability campaign Project Sunlight in real time.


The hub comprises 40 staff across its internal teams and Unilever’s digital, creative, PR and media agencies. They are using tools such as Radian 6 to get analysis on the sentiment and reach of the campaign and Buddy Media to adapt content. All the up-to-date information appears on screens dotted around the hub in its London office.

The campaign is currently running on digital channels only and centres on a YouTube video, which has already amassed 1.5 million views since its launch earlier this week.

Speaking to Marketing Week at Dreamforce in San Francisco, Unilever’s senior vice president of global media Luis Di Como, said the command centre shows how Project Sunlight is already starting to “generate a movement” and has allowed the company to become more “nimble” to amplify the early positive sentiment towards the campaign.

Di Como said: “We always said in the old world you work up to launch day, then you sit back. For us the launch is just the beginning. Mission control enables us to really focus on every day following [launch] and measure its effectiveness globally in real time.”

He added that projects such as creating the mission control room, which will also be used for other major product marketing campaigns, is helping Unilever achieve its ambitions of “getting to the future first” and being “pioneers in media”.

The next “future first” area Unilever is exploring is the idea of the “internet of things” and it is undertaking trials as to how it can make its products more connected with devices such as fridges and washing machines.

“When we see an opportunity that will help us connect our brands better with people, then we go and embrace it. We are at the beginning of a new revolution when it comes to everything to do with the internet of things and connecting to all devices. When you think about social and the way it has connected people across the planet, it is transforming the way we think about connectivity,” he added. 



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