Unilever launches first ad for Dove+Men

Unilever has launched the first advertising campaign for its male grooming brand Dove Men+Care.


The ad premiered in the US during the commercial break of the Superbowl and launches online in the UK via YouTube today (8 February).

The ad will air in UK TV in March.

The ad challenges the male sterotypes that usually appear in ads for male grooming products and “celebrates real men” by focussing on milestones such as getting married or having children.

The ad stars “real men” rather than models or actors in an attempt to move away from traditional male grooming ads.

It is similar in approach to the Dove Real Beauty campaign, which features non-airbrushed women.

It follows research carried out by the brand that reveals three quarters of men feel misrepresented by way men are represented in ads.

Paul Connell, Dove Men+Care brand manager says: “Dove is proud of its pioneering approach to women and with this new campaign for Dove Men+Care we now have a fresh approach to men as well. We’re taking a light hearted approach and acknowledging the life events that help men become comfortable with who they are, without a cheesy grooming stereotype in sight.”

Dove launched the male grooming brand targeting men over 30
in the UK in January following a trail in Italy last year.

Branding experts believed the range of shower gels and deodorants could be more popular than Unilever’s Lynx brand, which targets a younger male audience.


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