Unilever launches powerful anti-perspirant Sure variant

Unilever is launching a high-performance cream deodorant under its Sure brand to target a new segment called “anxious sweaters”. It launches in January and will be backed by a major advertising campaign.

The two anti-perspirant deodorant products, Sure Woman Maximum Protection, and Sure Men Maximum Protection, claim to offer twice the protection against sweat than the best-selling anti-perspirant. They will retail at £4.99 for 45ml, more than double the usual retail price for many of the brand’s current range.

Unilever says the variants are not medical products, but will be packaged in a box and will include an instruction leaflet. The new range is aimed at people that worry their deodorant is not working effectively.

The company says the deodorant, which comes as a cream stick applicator, should be applied before going to bed. It adds that night sweat glands are least active and the skin is therefore more receptive to the cream.

According to Unilever, the cream is formulated with a “unique, body-response technology”, known as TRIsolid, which provides 48-hour protection from sweat and cares for underarm skin.

The new range is aimed at people who are anxious or feel self-conscious about the amount they sweat, and who may employ strategies such as reapplying deodorant throughout the day, wearing dark colours and even avoiding raising their arms.

Unilever is hoping to tap into the 19% of women and 14% of men that it claims worry about “sweaty” moments in high-pressure situations, for example commuting or special occasions such as weddings.


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