Unilever unveils 4m Dove ‘go fresh’ extension launch

Dove%20go%20fresh%2C%20UnileverUnilever is introducing a raft of extensions to its Dove brand. It is investing £4m in the UK launch of Dove go fresh, a fragrance-driven collection of products aimed at women in their 20s.

The new range, which will also be launched in the US, has three variants – Refreshing, Energising and Cooling – with fragrances made up of grapefruit and lemongrass, waterlily and freshmint, cucumber and green tea. The UK products will comprise three deodorants, two body washes, two handwashes and a cleansing bar. It is thought that a full range of body mists, body lotions and hair care in each fragrance variant will arrive during the year.

Unilever says the launch campaign, which will break in June, is “an extension” of its Campaign for Real Beauty and will use real women, not professional models, in the ads. It says that Dove go fresh is “designed to help 20-something women gain a fresh perspective” and claims that, according to Dove research, fragrances can lift the spirits.

A micro-series, starring singer Alicia Keys, forms part of the Dove go fresh campaign. The series is to be screened in three-minute episodes over a five-week period on MTV, during The Hills, a reality show aimed at young women.


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