Uniross helps MPs to give up the AA

Duracell’s bunny might be instantly recognisable the world over, but it may be time for the rabbit to hop it as battery manufacturer Uniross has landed the ultimate in brand icons: none other than shadow foreign secretary and custodian of the Tory Brain Dr Liam Fox.

Uniross, in what appears to be a blatant move to boost its appeal to the iPod generation, landed Fox to promote its recharger and batteries. Although, harking back rather quaintly to the 1980s, the news release claims the recharger can “repower four Walkman batteries in less than one hour” – perhaps MPs and MP3s have yet to be introduced.

Uniross sent all 664 newly elected MPs one of its rechargers and batteries to highlight how much more energy efficient rechargables are compared to their alkaline counterparts.

And Uniross marketing controller Simon West demonstrates how in touch he is with 21st-century life by stating: “MPs are powerful opinion leaders and their influence can help boost sales of rechargeable batteries.”

Then again, if Uniross can provide batteries for the Tazers that keep John Prescott away from the House of Commons pie stall between meals, maybe the promotion will have been worthwhile.


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