Up, up and away for 141 creative without gravity

When 141 Worldwide held a creative workshop, the prize for the winner was very much in keeping with the creative theme – a ride on G-Force One, a converted Boeing 727 that replicates zero gravity high over the Florida Keys.

Jes Conway, senior planner at the company, emerged victorious from the workshop and jetted off with his partner to Miami for an all-expenses paid trip.

On G-Force One weightlessness occurs when the plane reaches 500mph, climbs at a 45 degree angle before plummeting back down at 35 degrees. When the plane switches from ascent to descent gravity inside disappears letting the passengers float around for 30 seconds.

But it’s no one-trick pony. The Boeing can also replicate the conditions on the Moon (1/6 gravity) and Mars (1/3 gravity) meaning that Jes was treated to a truly out-of-this-world experience.


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