US discount chain Target opens Selfridges talks

Target, the affordable US retail and grocery chain, is understood to be in talks with upmarket department store Selfridges to open its first non-US outlet. It is believed to be planning to open a “pop up” temporary store in Selfridges to coincide with London Fashion Week next month.

A big name fashion designer is understood to have developed a clothing line for the launch with Target’s other “exclusive” clothing ranges also to be offered. The store would open during London Fashion Week in mid-September and remain open until all stock is sold.

The initiative is aimed at boosting Target’s brand credentials in the US by providing publicity and marketing collateral. Target has not sold products in the UK before although it has worked with UK companies including Boots, selling its healthcare products in its US stores.

The company operates more than 1,500 Target and SuperTarget stores across 47 US states. It founded in Minnesota in 1962, selling “on-trend” merchandising at affordable prices and says it has changed how consumers think about discount shopping.


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