Use power of content to aid engagement

At last a cover story that puts content at the heart of marketing (MW 9 September). In today’s multichannel world only those brands that truly grasp the power and potential of content to engage with their existing and new customers will win. Of course most, if not all, agency disciplines are trying to get a piece of the action, but it is the publishing agencies that are best placed to help clients navigate the increasingly complex array of channels that are available.

And more to the point, it’s not just any old content, it has to be relevant and the tone of voice has to be appropriate and authentic. And one other thing, agencies like ours are in the business of monetising the content we create through generating advertising revenues and commercializing data. No wonder the traditional agencies are scratching their heads wondering how it’s done.

Sean King, Chief executive, Seven Squared


Use pay-as-you-go systems to develop relationships

Marketing Week

I read your article on “How to retain customers and build brand loyalty” (MW 9 September) with great interest. While using transactional data and web-based metrics is a good start in helping brands to build and maintain relationships, it is still only pecking around the edges of the wealth of customer data available from visitors’ […]

Online retail must take international view

Marketing Week

Timeliness of delivery is also key to customer service and boosting customer loyalty, so delays caused by lost or misplaced goods or documentation cannot be afforded. If a solution is to be found, its ease of use cannot be underestimated. Since typing in a full address, rather than just a postcode, can consume up to […]


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