Value key for Millennium sponsorship

I would like to clarify a statement made in your Cover Story “Dome sponsorship hit by catch 22” (MW September 18). The article states that IMG won the task of raising sponsorship for the Dome in a pitch against rival API.

In fact, API declined to “pitch” for the sponsorship sales business.

On the contrary, in response to the tender we suggested that the Millennium Commission take time to consider the potential sponsorship offer. We offered a consulting arrangement which would assess the market and work to develop opportunities in co-operation with potential sponsors.

At the time of the pitch, the Millennium project was too vague to assess in terms of sales potential and we wanted to take a professional and realistic look at the opportunity. Perhaps this is why we “lost” the business.

We believe that the Millennium Experience will offer many opportunities for sponsors, which we will actively pursue. Ultimately, of course, value will be the key for any involvement.

Paul Vaughan

Managing director UK

API Consulting

London WC2


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