Value of branded content can be measured

The Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) has secured cross-industry support to develop its service to measure the effectiveness of all forms of branded content.

Branded content, which involves initiatives such as T-Mobile’s funding of the Channel 4 music show Transmission, the F1 Rocks events by LG and Eurostar’s investment in the Somers Town film (pictured), has struggled to find a way of evaluating return on investment.

The BCMA has now devised an evaluation system for media and creative agencies, PR agencies and media owners. The Branded Content evaluation system (Bces) has been developed by Contentworx together with two companies from the area of advertising and planning research, OTX and Pointlogic.

The system allows brand owners to see how their branded content campaign is performing against key brand metrics and which elements of the campaign are performing most strongly in meeting the campaign objectives.

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, Thinkbox and the Advertisers Producing Association have now agreed to support the system and the BCMA is to build a series of case studies with the backing of media owners, the first of which is ITV.

A limited number of products are being sold at cost to start the BCMA’s Branded Content Effectiveness Charts and then will sell at a discounted rate to BCMA members.

Andrew Canter, CEO of contentworx and BCMA managing director, says: “Our key objective is to establish the Bces as the universally accepted methodology to measure the effectiveness of branded content.”

Thinkbox research and strategy director David Brennan adds: “Branded content is a growing part of TV’s business and it is vital that we can understand its contribution to a brand’s campaign objectives.



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