VBS ads to promote social responsibility

BamptonViacom Brand Solutions (VBS), the sales house for MTV and Nickelodeon, is courting “pro-social” advertisers in a bid to fight existing and proposed ad bans.

VBS is encouraging brands in sectors such as healthy children’s food, hybrid cars and energy efficient products to advertise on its channels.

Nick Bampton, VBS managing director, says the industry must do more to showcase advertising as a force for good in the face of rising bans.

The sales house will match investment pound-for-pound from the first ten “pro-social advertisers” that use VBS to break into TV next year.

Speaking to media agencies at VBS’ annual roadshow, Bampton slammed the number of bans being imposed by the Government and urged by lobby groups and added that it needs to stop or everyone will be “in trouble”.

He adds: “If we believe that advertising should reflect what is going on in society then we need to show greater willingness and proactivity to air advertising that is alternative to the mainstream.”

Bampton denies that the initiative is a gimmick and claims it is a real commitment to encouraging new advertisers to TV.

Bampton also says that TV revenue, which he predicts will be up 3% in 2007, will further rise in 2008.