Vegans have bigger sexual appetite claims PETA

Animal rights organisation PETA claims vegans have a bigger sexual appetite in its latest online video ad to promote veganism.


The ad, Do It Like They Do, shows a montage of animals including rhino, stag, horse and buffalo – all with a vegan diet -“joyfully demonstrating their sexual prowess in the wild”. The soundtrack is a version of children’s classic “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic”.

The ad, created by Fallon, is the second PETA ad to use sexual prowess as a way of promoting veganism. PETA has recorded a 30 per cent uplift in sales of its vegetarian and vegan diet kits since the first ad last November.

Yvonne Taylor, senior programmes manager for PETA UK, says: “Meat eaters can go from woeful to wild in bed simply by going vegan. Everyone wants to think of themselves as an animal when it comes to sex, and many of them can be if they just put down the pork and pick up the pasta.”