Vetting the mail is good practice

Although not accustomed to reading low-life marketing magazines, your article about vetting (MW September 4) somehow found its way to my bathroom and was read during a restful few minutes of solitude.

Where the article lists some of the subjects studied by the veterinary undergraduate, it fails to point out that the major subject the qualified vet studies is animal behaviour – the animal in question being the pet owner.

This breed varies greatly but has one thing in common; no matter whether it’s a mighty great dane or a lowly laying hen, all regard their pet as one of the family, often placed above spouse in their affections.

As a consequence, though no survey performed (of course), the majority of the mail directed at pets appears to be welcomed and lovingly translated, over the cornflakes, by “mummy” or “daddy” into doggie vocabulary. Indeed, as I was saying to my goldfish the other day, I recently received a typed, signed reply to such a letter from a Mr Fido Bloggs – clever or what?

In my opinion, and perhaps Guinness might concur, the contents of the article mirrors that of the hamster’s bottom I spend my working life examining.

May I add that just prior to rising from my seat, a suitable use for the article did present itself to me.


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