Viacom to test XTP moving ads on the Underground

Viacom Outdoor, the company which owns the contract to run advertising on the London Underground, is searching for advertisers to sign up as partners for the trial of its new service to show moving ads on the wall opposite platforms.

Called XTP (Cross-Track Projection), advertising messages will be digitally projected – over the heads of waiting passengers – onto large-format sites on facing walls.

Viacom aims to sign up ten advertisers to pay for exclusive advertising for three months on three XTPs, to be trialled at London’s Euston Underground station from March next year.

After the trial is completed, Viacom intends to install about 100 screens on the London Underground network.

Advertisers and agencies will have to create special silent ads for the XTP screens. A spokeswoman for Viacom says that as an alternative to moving images, ads can also flash up five different pictures in a row.

Viacom is offering creative and production services, and advice from its own in-house team to advertisers that sign up.

Viacom intends to sell the space on XTP in seven packages targeting different markets. These include packages aimed at commuters, business consumers and West End shoppers.


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