Victor not about to be the loser

I read with interest your article on non-UK bookmakers (MW December 2, 2004). But I must correct the suggestion that Customs & Excise’s proposed action will affect Victor Chandler.

As you rightly point out, the action would apply to non-UK betting operations, whose advertising is prohibited. You also report Customs & Excise as saying there is leeway for companies with several bases.

The Victor Chandler Group has a distinct Gibraltar-based bookmaking activity, focusing on the world market. In the UK market, it has UK-licensed telephone, online and mobile betting operations through Victor Chandler UK, on-course betting through Victor Chandler On Course and betting shops under the VC brand.

These activities are licensed and tax-paying in the UK, and it is these that are advertised. Hence, your suggestion that Customs & Excise action will affect Victor Chandler is incorrect.

Ian Plumb


Victor Chandler UK

London W1U


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