HSBC and Oystercatchers on the changing nature of client/agency relationships

Marketing Week caught up with Amanda Rendle, HSBC’s global head of marketing, and Suki Thompson, CEO of management consultancy Oystercatchers, at the recent IPA Commercial Conference. In the following two videos find out how each feels about the changing nature of client and agency relationships.

Having spoken at the event, HSBC’s global head of marketing Amanda Rendle raised eyebrows after claiming that ad agencies are facing a threat from management consultancies pitching to brands.

Rendle, admitting that KPMG had offered its services on advertising to HSBC “for nothing” up front on several occasions, warned that agencies must ensure that they bring “true value” consistently to brands or face being dropped.

Speaking exclusively to Marketing Week she explains why agencies should not be seen as suppliers but partners and how HSBC is reshaping its marketing so everything is built around the customer.

Oystercatchers’ Suki Thompson, meanwhile, tells Marketing Week why agencies must ensure they are “fit for purpose” in order to stand out among forward-thinking brands.

She also explains why agencies and marketers must be aligned when it comes to linking up and improving the customer journey.