Video: NFC means more than just payments

MWC: Nokia shows Marketing Week how NFC technology can go beyond mobile payments and how this benefits brands.

Reporter Lara O’Reilly spoke to Nokia at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona about how Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used by marketers for more than just mobile payments.



Mums more likely to use mobile devices

Seb Joseph

Netmums, the parenting website, has urged advertisers to focus their marketing activity on mobile devices when targeting mums, following a report revealing that 18% of mothers are more likely to own the latest smartphone than the average Briton.

Russell Parsons

It pays to see the world through a marketer’s eyes

Russell Parsons

Being a northern man of advancing years, I am prone to being a glass half empty type. Good reason, then, that my calling is marketing journalist and not marketer, among the most optimistic of professions. I make this observation as I finger through pages of recent research that points to the same thing: marketers are […]


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