Viewability = opportunity


The IAB’s plans to release video viewability standards in Q4 will encourage advertisers to maximise the visibility of their ads. Viewability figures should offer a powerful data pool for brands, enabling them to employ real data insights to inform their strategy.

Marketers should not worry about rising prices if they take this chance to showcase ROI. As always, success hinges on access to online advertising inventory that delivers quality and relevant ads. With the integration of viewability data marketers can focus on reaching their target audience with the right message, and this ‘audience first’ approach will be key to success.

Jonathan Gardner, communications director, Turn


Super pubs appeal to all

A key challenge for publicans today is to stay in touch with, and take advantage of, evolving consumer eating, drinking and spending habits, which have changed in the past few years. Super pubs allow publicans to appeal to many audiences.

In part, evolving drinking patterns are attributable to the craft alcohol movement. People are spending more per bottle or pint when they go out, but seem to be going out less, or drinking less when they do.

Actions publicans can take to appeal to their audience(s) include stocking local products, encouraging people to use pubs in the day (such as mums’ coffee mornings) and reaching into the community through tie-ups with sports clubs and Parent Teacher Associations, for example.

Jonathan Pritchard, managing partner, Tangent Snowball


On SoundCloud

SoundCloud introduces ads

Lara O'Reilly

Music streaming service SoundCloud is introducing advertising and subscriptions for the first time as it looks to monetise the 350 million people the platform reaches each month.


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