Vimto Soft Drinks takes on Sunkist marketing in UK

Cadbury Schweppes has appointed Vimto Soft Drinks to market the company’s Sunkist brand in the UK and Ireland.

Peter Knowles, the former head of marketing at Manchester-based Freshbake Foods, has been hired as the new marketing director for Vimto, a division of Wigan-based JN Nichols (Vimto).

Part of Knowles’ task will be to oversee the relaunch of the carbonated Sunkist range, designed to set the brand apart from its competitors and generate sales.

Launched in 1980, Sunkist is sold in 45 countries and is currently worth $1.1bn (&£666m). Vimto has taken on the regular and diet orange Sunkist and the regular lemon-flavoured product.

Two new flavours being rolled out in 330ml cans are Sunkist Lemon and Sunkist Tropical, a mix of exotic fruit flavours.

The range has been given new-look packaging, invoking bright colours and a redesigned logo.

Dominic Lowe, managing director for Schweppes UK and Ireland, says: “We chose Vimto Soft Drinks as a partner ahead of others as they were committed to giving the Sunkist brand the single-minded focus it deserves.”

Plans for a consumer advertising campaign for Sunkist will be unveiled later in the year. Marketing activity on the Vimto brand will include on-pack promotions and a new Purple Ronnie advertising campaign.


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