Virgin Atlantic readies £6m “surreal and glamorous” campaign

Virgin Atlantic is set to launch its first global television campaign to reinforce its added value positioning. Watch the ad here.

The 90 second TV and cinema activity is the first since the carrier’s 25th anniversary “Still Red Hot” campaign of last year and is again created by RKCR/Y&R.

According to the airline, the ad aims to take the “viewer on a metaphorical flight, guiding them through a surreal and glamorous world of airline iconography”. Watch it here.

The ad is soundtracked by Muse’s cover of “Feeling Good” and uses the “your airline’s either got it or it hasn’t” strapline. It will run for a month in cinemas from today (1 October) followed by a two-week stint on TV from Sunday (3 October).

The initial burst supports the recently launched outdoor and press activity to push its business travel service through the autumn, traditionally the busiest period for business travel.

A second wave will run on TV and in cinemas next January and February to target leisure travelers booking their summer holidays.

The ad is the first the carrier has launched in both the UK and US, where it will run in the cities including New York, Washington and Los Angeles.

However, while the Virgin Atlantic logo will not appear on the end frame in the UK, it will in the US alongside the line: “Virgin Atlantic to London”.

Paul Dickinson, director of sales and marketing for Virgin Atlantic, says that the inclusion of the airline’s logo is because the brand is not as “well established” in the US as the UK. The decision also aims to avoid any confusion with US internal airline, Virgin America, he adds.


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