Virgin Media promotes green credentials

Virgin Media has launched its first corporate responsibility report, as the cable operator looks to develop its green and ethical credentials to match those of the Virgin Group. The report examines the progress made since Virgin Media launched in February last year.

It says it has identified a number of issues around developing a CR programme managing environmental impact, being a responsible service provider and understanding how to support local communities.

Initiatives announced include a partnership with the Tropical Forest Trust on its Climate Tree programme, which aims to consrve 3.8 million hectares of forest in the Congo Basin.

Virgin will also support the Sustainable Energy Research Group at Southampton University, which monitors reporting on energy usage patterns across a number of “eco homes” that deploy solar power generation.

A “switch off” campaign will urge employees to deliver a 2.4% reduction in energy consumption by the end of the year, while the cable company will replace 8,000 desktop PCs with low energy versions.

Virgin has also established a code of conduct, based on the Virgin Group’s approach to sustainable procurement, for its suppliers outlining standards it wants them to meet in the future.


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