Virgin Media to capitalise on Ofcom ruling to speed broadband rollout

Virgin Media is gearing up to extend its super-fast broadband network using BT’s infrastructure, according to reports.

Yesterday Ofcom announced a new regulatory regime which states BT must provide more access to its broadband rivals to help speed up the rollout of super-fast broadband in the UK.

The move means providers including TalkTalk and BSkyB will be able to use BT infrastructure to channel high-speed broadband to customers.

BT and Virgin Media are the only companies that can offer the necessary infrastructure for superspeed broadband – 25 megabits per second – to date.

It’s understood Virgin Media is interested in using BT infrastructure to help boost its own network coverage.

Earlier this summer Ofcom published research showing 97% of consumers aren’t getting the levels of service advertised to to them by ISPs ( 27 July 2010).

A month later, BT was pulled up on its ad campaign after the ASA received complaints that the ads were misleading customers regarding the ISP’s broadband speeds.

A TV ad for BT Total Broadband claimed ’BT is rolling out up to 20Mb speeds to give you a consistently faster broadband throughout the day, even at peak times’ while on-screen text stated ’Comparison to BT’s 8Mb service’.

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