launches Ebay promotion

Broadband provider – now wholly owned by NTL – has signed an exclusive partnership with Ebay to promote Broadband to Ebay’s 10 million British users.

A joint promotion will stress the advantages to Ebay bidders of using broadband. Ads will point out how the speed of broadband compared with dial-up gives people an edge when they are trying to post a last-minute bid, while the “always on” nature of broadband means users can monitor the success of their bidding in real time.

The agreement will see Broadband promoted exclusively on key parts of the Ebay site. A specially designed “Broadband Information” section will provide users with in-depth details about the benefits for Ebay buyers and sellers of using broadband.

Additionally, a free &£10 PayPal voucher will be offered to everyone who signs-up to Broadband through the Ebay site. The vouchers will be redeemable against purchases on Ebay.

Pat Connolly, head of strategic partnerships for Ebay, says that’s 10 million users “are among the most active internet users in the country” and would benefit enormously from broadband. sales and marketing director Peter Tuomey comments: “As an Ebay user myself, I know what a difference a broadband connection makes, especially in those vital last few minutes and seconds towards the end of an auction.” is the UK’s fifth-largest consumer internet service provider, with nearly 600,000 users. One of its key points of difference is that it does not demand 12-month contracts. has three broadband options, at &£14.99, &£17.99 and &£24.99 a month. The entry-level &£14.99 option offers a 512Kbps connection (up to ten times that of dial-up) plus a monthly download allowance of 3Gb. The most expensive offers a 2Mbps connection speed and a 20Gb download limit.


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