Virgin pulls back the covers on Energy


Virgin may provide the homeless of London with a bed for the night through a series of outdoor sites featuring a walk-in bedroom and giant bed to promote its Virgin Energy canned soft drink.

The promotion, which will highlight the brand’s ‘sexy’ image, and PR activity will be the sole elements of the campaign.

The launch campaign featured Virgin boss Richard Branson, a 30-foot bed, Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and a promise that the drink will “keep you up all night”.

Drinks were handed out with Virgin condoms attached and several references were made to the properties of its main flavour – passion fruit.

Despite this, Virgin says it is not claiming the drink has aphrodisiac properties.

The company points out that the can carries the statement: “Despite what you may have heard, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that Virgin Energy is an aphrodisiac.”

The other ingredients of Virgin Energy – Taurine and caffeine – bear an uncanny resemblance to more expensive rival Red Bull, which launched nationwide this month.