Virgin sales claims are miscalculated

With regard to the letter from Virgin Cola (MW May 15), AC Nielsen has stated the data quoted was “not only unconfirmed but miscalculated”. Approved Nielsen data states Pepsi’s total volume in the take-home trade for the last 16 weeks (to April 19) is up 4.9 per cent against last year.

Not only does the latest four-weekly period show the highest GB volume share since September 1994 at 20 per cent, but all areas of the portfolio are in volume growth on last year.

Andrew Marsden

Marketing director

Britvic Soft Drinks



UK Living ad sparks Kate Moss legal threat

Marketing Week

Supermodel Kate Moss is threatening to sue UK Living over its poster advertising campaign featuring the strapline “Wouldn’t it be great if Kate Moss were fat”. The reference to Moss is followed by the strap “UK Living – TV with a mind of its own”. The women’s cable channel has admitted that the celebrity, whose […]


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