How virtual reality is helping brands overhaul the shopper experience

In the latest instalment of Digital Decoded we take a look inside Kantar Consulting’s Retail VR Lab, which uses virtual reality to recreate and enhance the shopper experience.

It’s no secret that retailers are struggling to cope with a rapidly evolving shopping landscape, with brands such as Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser set to close stores and other high street stalwarts shutting their doors for good. But consumer goods brands are also feeling the pressure with more competition than ever before.

Overhauling the retail experience and testing out how new products fare on the shelves can be expensive and timely but brands are increasingly using virtual reality to trial options before putting their plans into action.

In the latest instalment of Marketing Week’s Digital Decoded series, Cedric Guyot, CEO of virtual reality at Kantar Consulting, explains how brands like Unilever and L’Oréal are using virtual reality to enhance the shopper experience.

Marketers are able to view 3D renderings of proposed packaging or displays in a mock up of a real retail environment, before new ideas are then tested with focus groups.



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