Yorkshire Tea’s marketing boss on brand performance and what it takes to be a visionary

We spoke to Kevin Sinfield, head of brand marketing at Taylor’s of Harrogate and one of our Vision 100 on what it takes to be a visionary.

Sinfield said that visionaries need to be open to change, constantly open to new ideas and shouldn’t settle on the status quo.

He said he admires David Brailsford from the Sky and UK cycling teams, referring to his experience as being one of the “biggest success stories of British sport history.”

When asked what he feels helps him perform better at his job, Sinfield said: “We’re prepared to take a risk, to try something different and trust our gut on what feels right for the brand, even if it is something customers aren’t use to seeing”

Watch the video to find out more on what qualities Sinfield thinks visionaries require and why Taylor’s of Harrogate must consider climate change and its environmental impact on growing tea and coffee to maintain its position.