Vision 100

Vision 100 explained

The Vision 100 is an exclusive club of the brightest and best. It’s not a ranking, and nobody loses their place. This year’s inductees join those welcomed in 2014 and 2015 in a growing band of executives, now numbering 300, worthy of the moniker “visionary”. As before, our 2016 inductees have been selected for their ability to meet and overcome challenges and their innovative leadership.

All of marketing is represented in the Vision 100. In addition to the trailblazing marketers with ‘traditional’ titles, we represent the changing nature of the modern marketer by including chief customer officers, for example.

We also tip our hat to those marketers who have been acknowledged for their excellence with promotion to executive positions, as well as recognising entrepreneurs with innovative business models, products and services. People driving societal change, are included as are some of those responsible for nurturing the next generation of digital disruptors in innovation labs.

We also delve deep into all corners of UK plc, with executives from almost all vertical sectors represented. Visionaries from the public and third sector are in there as are those breaking conventions online.

Wherever they work, whatever their job title and career path to date, they are all able “to cut through the crap”, as one of our 2016 visionaries colourfully puts it, to do what visionaries do – recognise and adapt to change.

Congratulations to every member of the Vision 100 2016 in partnership with Adobe – you are incredibly worthy of this recognition. And for all those inducted in 2014 and 2015, we continue to applaud you.

In this video, Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons speaks to Adobe’s John Watton to ask what it means to be a visionary marketer.