Vision 100


Alex Dimiziani

Marketing director, EMEA


Alex Dimiziani describes herself as an entrepreneur at heart and has enjoyed a career that spans marketing, advertising and journalism across a variety of sectors. Often accused of moving too fast, she says her biggest challenge is “remaining in the same (geographical) place; staying in the same (company) role, and not getting bored”. She is proud of the fact she has continually left the comfortable and conventional for the unknown. Taking a risk, she left her advertising job and went backpacking around the world alone. After another stint in advertising, she then joined the development world in Rwanda, in turn leaving that to live and write in Paris. She then spent several years at The Coca-Cola Company  before leaving to get  a Master’s degree in investigative journalism. “My proudest ‘career’ moments have been those in which I cast off the career chains and tried something completely different,” she says.

Lightbulb moment: “Six months into my career when I realised no one really knows – everyone is just making it up as they go along.”