Vision 100


Amy Cole

Head of brand development, EMEA


Although her origins are in engineering, Amy Cole embodies what it means to be a modern marketer. She explains: “Being different is a strength. I’ve changed careers, functions and roles countless times. I used to go into new roles feeling insecure that I wasn’t a subject expert and would desperately try to fit in. I’ve realised over time that the diversity in my background and experience is actually an asset.” She brings this to bear in her mentorship and in her role at Instagram where new product launches excite her the most, having helped introduce video and scaled the business across 200 countries. “When you’re growing a business, it’s relatively straightforward to scale operations. But to grow a team and to build a sense of culture across diverse functions, markets and regions is a true challenge,” she says.

Best advice: “Be the best part of people’s day.”