Vision 100


Anthony Thomson

Founder & chairman

Atom Bank

Anthony Thomson is fond of defying convention. Having founded Metro Bank in 2007 – the UK’s first new high street bank for 100 years – he is now set to shake up the financial sector again with the launch of mobile-only Atom Bank. He is branding it as the world’s first telepathic bank as it will be using predictive technologies and data; he is going to show customers what they will be spending, rather than what they have already spent. The former marketer believes this point of differentiation comes from being “bold” and “audacious”. “It’s [about] understanding that nobody cares about banks,” he told Marketing Week in an interview. “They want to get what they need quickly, easily and painlessly and if you can make it a great experience, so much the better.”

Best advice: “Erik Weihenmayer, blind mountaineer and Everest climber, said ‘believing is seeing’.”