Vision 100


Clare Baker

National radio brands marketing director

Bauer Radio

Clare Baker has more than a decade of experience in marketing radio and is responsible for brands including Kiss, Magic, Absolute Radio, Planet Rock and Kerrang!. She says her biggest challenge, however, is keeping up with the rapidly developing digital world. “There are so many tools for generating and analysing activity, it is imperative to understand how they allow you to engage with your target audience,” she says. “Absolute Radio has always been a digital pioneer because it has been brave in adopting new methods and hiring forward-thinking people who can implement them. Having a renegade spirit allows you to evolve quickly as a business, future-proofing your brand and enhancing its reputation.” In order to create the most compelling campaigns, she believes it is important to bring together people from diverse disciplines as it will increase creativity and “allow a project to break out from its boundaries, over-delivering on business objectives”.

Best advice: “Ask lots of questions. I was told this early on in my career because it is guaranteed that at least one other person in the room is thinking the same thing but is too afraid to ask.”