Vision 100


Colin Downing

Interim marketing director, CMO and digital director

Together Money

While marketers are notorious for moving from one position to another, Colin Downing has made a career out of it. Over the past 35 years he has worked in senior marketing positions – albeit in an interim role – in companies as diverse as Merlin Entertainments and city councils and most recently as director of global marketing for The LateRooms Group before moving to Together Money earlier this year. He claims that it is a challenging but enjoyable way of life: “When I join a business, more often than not there’s a fire to put out and you don’t get the luxury of saying ‘I’ll come back to you with a plan in 100 days’. You have to hit the ground running on day one. You’re always moving to new companies in new markets so there’s a lot to get your head around quickly,” he says.

Best advice: "Be customer and data-driven, embrace change and seek the new. Have confidence because you’ll be surprised by what you didn’t know that you knew."