Vision 100


David Langridge

Managing director

Connected Fitness Labs

David Langridge joined start-up digital health and business company Connected Fitness Labs, a subsidiary of the Fitness First Group, in January 2016. He was formerly group marketing director at Fitness First. Staying flexible was key to Langridge’s strategy while overseeing Fitness First’s £225m rebrand. He cites one of his biggest challenges going forward as juggling the ever-changing demands of an increasingly digital customer base. Langridge believes the fitness industry is just at the start of its digital journey, which will involve “combining physical fitness with new forms of digital fitness”. He realises that consumers want metrics on their physical activity so they can compare and share socially. “Feedback from the mirror and ‘how we feel’ in a moment is just not enough anymore,” he says.

Lightbulb moment: "In my early 30s, I realised that attitude completely outweighs the importance of experience, knowledge and skill. As long as you try to do the right thing, with the right attitude, the rest will fall into place."