Vision 100


David Titman

Marketing manager for Lynx and Dove Men+Care


David Titman has driven a brand known for its cheeky stunts, including a chat-up line translator for lads on holiday and for its Lynx Apollo range, which offers the chance of a trip into space. Titman’s boldness was shown when participants in a TV documentary on dogging name-checked the brand. He responded quickly with a spoof social media campaign showing a crisis meeting supposedly being held at Lynx headquarters.

Lightbulb moment:"I read a story about Lego's senior executives taking a day-long social media course and realised that although we talk a good talk, there was actually nobody in my brand team that knew our consumers half as well as we really should. We get so bogged down in the day to day of turnovers and TVRs that we can forget that we're actually talking to real people."