Vision 100


Dawn Paine

Chief marketing & strategy officer

Creative England

Entertainment has clearly been an important part of Dawn Paine’s life. Before Creative England she was vice-president of marketing at Universal Pictures UK. Although she has had her fair share of stardust – running a Q&A screening with British comic and Hollywood A-lister Simon Pegg is a highlight – she says her work at Nintendo makes her proudest: she was “at the helm of Nintendo’s UK marketing during the most successful five-year period in its history with the launches of Wii and DS and being part of an incredible, high performing marketing team”. Teamwork is also top of her agenda, as is mentoring. “No matter how great your vision and ideas are, you can’t do it all on your own. Push people to their limits, they’ll often do more than you imagined,” she advises.

Biggest challenge: “Building a strategy to scale up a brilliant creative organisation with limited resources. Although, necessity is of course the mother of invention.”