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Eva Barrett

Global head of brand marketing communications


In a world drowning in information, Eva Barrett is on a mission to bring home the big ideas and, as she puts it, “cut through the crap”. She is also immensely proud of the award-winning work she was part of in the multi-award-winning Philips ‘Parallel Lines’ campaign, and pioneering the discipline of branded content. She cites the ‘Breathless Choir’ project as a seminal moment in her career. She says: “We produced a beautiful piece of work with Gareth Malone [presenter of BBC series The Choir] and a choir filled with amazing people with respiratory issues. We want audiences to know that Philips is more than an electronics company. The Breathless Choir made people sing, it made them cry and it showed how we are improving people’s lives.”

Best advice: “If you are passionate about what you do, it won’t feel like a job. Work on what you love.”

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