Vision 100


Fred Prego

Insight & marketing director


Game has been through a period of transition over the past few years, having been bought out of administration in 2012. Although dominated by traditional retail, Fred Prego says the business sees live gaming competitions as a key growth area, having acquired e-sports company Multiplay in March 2015. Game stores are also turning into hubs for experiential marketing and special events, in which virtual reality technology is set to play a central role. In a sector that is constantly being disrupted through new formats and customer choices, Prego has to keep his eye on the ball. With so much going on, it is easy to get consumed by the job and lose perspective – both at work and home. For this reason, his best advice for all marketers is to slow down. “An old boss of mine once advised me to make the time each day to relax. To try not to worry about delivering absolutely everything in one go. I always make time in a busy day to switch off,” he says.

Lightbulb moment: “When I got my first job at [hospitality company] Sodexo, I asked to work in sales. Having this insight into how clients think is fundamental for any business.”